Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daddy (Not) Cool

You wonder, why the thunder? What has torn my world asunder?
Don’t feel bad, but it’s sad, and it’s all about my Dad.
He’s fallen sick, it happened quick, and pills won’t do the trick
He’s got his humour, but there’s a rumour, that tests will confirm a tumour

It was a shock, my world did rock, of my life I did take stock
But cruel fate, didn’t wait, to pile dessert upon my plate
Across my path, the aftermath, of an awful blood bath
Two vans collide, kids inside, and everybody died

We drove past, albeit fast, but the images will last
Burnt on my brain, lives lost in vain, a sight of such pain
Everywhere I see, tragedy, loss that wasn’t meant to be
But I don’t cry, though I try, and I often wonder why.

Away from him, my life feels grim, like I’m out on a limb
But I won’t mope, I have hope, and more faith than the pope
He’s strong, he’ll live long, he’ll prove the numbers wrong
He did before, and what’s more, now he has more to live for

It may be, that what drives me, is nought but naivety
But I’d look out of place, could you erase, the smile upon my face
So as I ought, as I was taught, I pick myself up off the court
And resign, to grand design, knowing my Dad will be fine.

Written January 2011, inspired by some of the sforementioned difficult events that were occuring in my life at the time.

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